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About Us

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  • Bold Insurance is not the biggest Broker around. In fact, we refer to ourselves as ‘boutique’. And this is quite deliberate.
  • Our Philosophy is that each of our clients deserves to get the best, individual treatment we can offer and to do this we limit the number of clients we serve. To us you are not just another number – you are somebody that we know, care about and to whom we can provide personalised advice and service.
  • This is my business and I take it personally and seriously. We don’t have dozens of ‘faceless’ Brokers and massive client lists. Our business is based on service to our clients. We think we do it quite well.
  • Many Brokers boast about the number of Insurance companies they represent. But, in reality, they will only ever focus on a couple of them.

We limit the Insurers that we deal with. We have reviewed all the available insurance policies, comparing their terms and quality of service. Based on that we have chosen the ones that offer the best deals, are able to provide the best cover for our clients, along with the best premium rates. So why would we offer you anything but the best and the most cost effective? That doesn’t make sense to us.

At Bold you will only deal with an experienced Senior Partner – not somebody who just answers the phone. You speak directly to the person who put your policy together which means they already know you, what you have, and why, and can provide you with the right answers and advice. And our services, advice and recommendations are completely free. You will never get a bill from us

So does that mean you will pay more for your policy? The answer is definitely “No!”. Your policy will cost exactly the same as if you went direct to the Insurance company. In fact, by using our service you may even save money because you won’t have policies you don’t need or that are costing you too much. You will also know exactly what your insurance will be and why!

We are also fiercely independent. By that we mean we do not have an allegiance to any particular Insurer. You are our client and we work for you. We don’t work for the insurance company. And because of our independence we can suggest which Insurer will be right for you. Plus, we will explain the differences between what is available and why we are recommending one over another. Our only concern is that you get the best cover possible

And we will never pressure you in any way. Insurance is an important decision. You need to be sure it is what you want, need and can afford. You certainly don’t need any ‘hard sell’ when trying to decide.

But our service doesn’t end when your insurance is in place. We are here when you need to make a claim, have any issues with your insurance, wish to make changes or just want some reassurance. One call to us is all it takes – no catch, no charge, no problem.

You can be assured that our commitment is to you and we will do everything we can to get you ‘just the right cover’.

So if you are considering getting cover (and you probably should) get in touch with me directly. Here are my contact details: PH: 020 4193 5256 or email: info@boldinsurance.co.nz

Let’s see what we can do for you.

Syd Jackson



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