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We focus entirely on personal risk insurance so we understand these policies and which options will be best for you. Our aim is to ensure that you get:

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Personalised Service

We will listen to you! We limit the number of clients we serve, so we get to know you and can provide you with advice and service that is personalised for you.

Selected Insurance Companies

There are many insurance companies. They are not all the same! We only deal with those that offer the best terms, the best cover and the best premium rates because that is what we want you to have

Ongoing Support

Getting your cover is only the beginning. We are there at any time you need to make a claim, have any questions or want to make changes.

So You Can Keep Moving Forward


Then What Happens?


Understanding Your Needs

If you wish to further explore getting cover - let's talk. We find out what you need, what you can afford, which covers are right for you and explain it all in plain language. No Jargon or BS!


Choose What You Want

We put together a proposal, present it to you, answer any questions you have, make any changes you want, then give you as much time as you need to make a decision.



When you are completely satisfied we apply to the Insurer who will underwrite your application. If you are happy with what they offer we move forward. But you always have the option to change your mind at any time - no questions asked.

Major Insurance Companies in New Zealand

Just need to know the costs? Too Easy!

Give us some basic details, what you think you need and a quote will be tailored for you by a specialist – free of charge and emailed to you within 24 hours.

We Guarantee –

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I was unsure at first. My previous Broker seemed to know his stuff. But when you broke it all down I saw I was paying too much and my cover wasn’t what I thought it was. Really appreciate the time and effort you put in. Feel comfortable now.


Thanks for your help. Dealing with my current insurance company makes me think I’d have to jump through hoops if I ever had to claim. I am pleased to have you on my side and thanks for the time and patience you showed helping me. It’s great knowing I won’t have to worry in the future.


Thank you! I cannot thank you enough for all your help in this matter! I am truly grateful!


Wasn’t sure our claim was going to be accepted. But you managed to get it through. Really pleased with the result. Magic!

Sharon & Peter


We Prioritize Service and Satisfaction

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Insurance and Life Solutions for You

Life Cover

It provides a Lump Sum benefit in the event of death to protect your family when you can’t anymore.

Trauma Cover

Designed to help when you have a serious accident or illness.

TPD Cover

Cover that pays out a Lump Sum in the event that you can never work again due to illness or accident.

Health Cover

Remove the worry around unexpected medical bills, and focus on the right treatment when you need it.

Income Cover

When your income stops because of an accident or illness provide a monthly income while recovering.

Mortgage Cover

A safety net in the event that you can’t meet your mortgage payments due to a disability, illness, accident or trauma.

KiwiSaver Scheme

One of the best retirement savings schemes around. Now is the best time to start planning for your retirement.

Mortgage Broker

We can help you and show you how to reduce the total interest you will pay plus how to pay off your mortgage sooner.